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The product is from my tailor made design, no other seller.
And all products are made of original color paper, no need to paint after production.
Attached please find a color printing introduction for your easier reference. The finished product is around 210mm tall.

Can purchase via ebay or paypal Paper Model Paper Model Paper Model Paper Paper Model

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3 Responses to Mini系列:太空保衛者紙模型 Mini DANGUARD DIY-Paper Model

  1. Lau 說:

    Q 死, 個樣吋爆, 釗哥好野 !!
    [版主回覆04/26/2013 22:15:14]哈哈, 乜個樣好吋咩?

  2. Kitsir 說:

    [版主回覆04/17/2013 13:37:04]比大版本細一半,當然係快D啦。

  3. 小白 說:

    Mini 黃金戰士已完成,係時候到保衛者喇
    [版主回覆04/17/2013 13:35:27]高手,點夠你快呀!


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