US$19.99 (Including Shipping Fee to worldwide)


The product is from my tailor made design, no other seller.
And all products are made of original color paper, no need to paint after production.
Attached please find a color printing introduction for your easier reference. The finished product is around 183mm tall.

Can purchase via ebay or paypal Paper Model Paper Model Paper Model Paper Model Paper Model Paper Model

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6 Responses to Mini系列:光速電神紙模型 Mini Albegas DIY-paper model

  1. papercraft 說:

    Hello Chiu,

    Can i just buy the paper craft TEMPLATE only please?
    How much is the price?

    Thank you.

    – JJ –

  2. Randy kim 說:

    Fantastic as usual.
    Have a great new year Mr. Shing!


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